What is Lock snapping?

As the title would suggest lock snapping is where the cylinder is literally snapped into two by applying torque i.e. force to the cylinder.

Locksnapping FlocktonThere are a number of ways and also tools to enable this to be done however it would be irresponsible for us as locksmiths to tell you exactly how this is done. Suffice to say that double euro cylinders in particular due to their design are inherently weak at the centre, enabling thieves in Flockton to take advantage of this fact by coming up with numerous methods to snap the cylinders in a matter of seconds then operate the lock to open the door.


Homes across Flockton are at risk from lock snapping because of a design weakness in the old type UPVC Locks –  this new design has overcome that security weakness. The ‘weak spot’ in modern doors has been isolated as the lock cylinder. The lock in question is not of any particular make, but is the type of lock fitted to the majority of UPVC, PVCu and some wooden doors throughout the world, commonly known as a Euro Profile Cylinder.

It is the part, which provides the key operation to the multi-point locking mechanism fitted to the door. No matter how secure or elaborate the multi-point locking mechanism is, if the cylinder is compromised the multi-point lock can be opened in seconds without difficulty. Bump & Snap Resistant Cylinder British Standard Euro Cylinders Flockton


We can upgrade your locks to the Avocet ABS high security lock as an easy and proven way of combating lock snapping and bumping. Unlike many other so-called anti snap locks on the market the Avocet ABS high security cylinder lock has a patented locking cam that totally blocks access into the lock case – no other europrofile cylinder lock on the market has this same effective system.

ABS has achieved a TS007 3 star British Kitemark, Police preferred Secured by Design approval and most importantly has continually year on year passed the Master Locksmith Associations SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating. NO other anti snap europrofile cylinder door lock available holds all of these standards!  Call Locksmith Flockton on 07593 213755 and get us to fit an Anti Snap Lock Now!!!